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We have a brand new Nuxt Course!

We have a brand new Nuxt Course!

Discover our intensive instructor-led workshop that teaches you how to take advantage of Nuxt to build highly engaging Vue apps!

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·Jan 4, 2022·

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Professional Nuxt Training!

🎓 Master Nuxt to build complex data-centric web app
🔥 6 hours of intensive hands-on training
👨‍💼 Instructor-led LIVE online course!
❌ No Death by PowerPoint. There are slides, but most of the content is hands-on labs
🙋 You’ll have the chance to ask questions and discuss with the instructor
💼 Available as private team/corporate training as well

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Nuxt Online Training

Course outline

  • Getting Started with Nuxt
  • A first Nuxt app
  • Using the Nuxt CLI
  • Overview of the folder structure
  • Setup and Tooling
  • Pages and Basic Routing
  • Transitions
  • Layouts
  • Fetching Data from a server
  • Managing environments
    • Runtime config properties
    • Hide private variables
  • Organize and decouple your API calls
    • Implementing the Repository Pattern
    • Leverage Nuxt plugins
  • Advanced components
    • Computed and Watch properties
  • File-based routing
    • Nested Routes
    • Dynamic Routes
    • Automatic code splitting
  • SEO with vue-meta
  • Handling errors
  • Adding a Store with Vuex or Pinia
  • Nuxt Middleware
  • Universal Mode, Smart Prefetching
  • Deployment
    • Universal Mode (SSR)
    • Static Mode (Pre-rendered)
  • Final QnA

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